Appalachian Trail Histories


How Can You Get Involved?

Trail Magic Sign

A sign guiding hikers to Trail Magic just ahead

Becoming a Trail Angel is most certainly a rewarding experience, and is not at all difficult to achieve. The smallest effort towards giving back makes a bigger difference than one realizes. 

If you are looking to join an organization...

There are many Trail Clubs up and down the Eastern Coast, dedicated not only to preserving the history of the Appalachian Trail, but also in preserving the trail itself. These Trail Clubs, such as the Rocky Top Trail Crew in Tennessee often take on large projects throughout the year to keep the trail accessible for hikers year-round, removing trees, piping in water, etc. Aside from trail clubs, one may also become a Trail Angel through helping in the Trail Day Celebrations, like those held in Damascus, VA. Lastly, if you are looking for a different line of work, many churches close to the trail will host missionary projects aimed specifically for hikers in the Summer months.

If you are looking to serve independently...

If you are looking for more of a personal way to give back to the hiking community along the Appalachian Trail, you can become a Trail Angel through the smallest acts of kindness. These may include giving rides to hikers, opening up your home to hikers for the night, and giving food and drinks to them as they pass. However, whatever path you take to become a Trail Angel, do remember to follow the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's guidelines to preserve the trail and these opportunties to give back for generations to come.