Appalachian Trail Histories




This digital public history project encompassing the many histories of the Appalachian Trail is the creation of Professor Mills Kelly and his students in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.

The historical material available on this site may be accessed in several ways. There are more than 25 student-created exhibits, drawing on the research they have done in courses on the history of the Trail. There are exhibits created by Professor Kelly. There is also an Archive that currently includes almost 400 discreet historical objects. The Archive can be searched by keyword, by Dublin Core metadata, by tag, or using the map interface. In addition to the Archive, items in the database are gathered in Collections according to their larger subject area.

The site design was created by Amanda Regan, a PhD student in the Department of History and Art History. Her GitHub repositories, including the theme for this site, are here.

We invite you to browse through the archive, the collections, and the exhibits on this site to learn more about America's most iconic long distance national scenic hiking trail.


Coming soon: names of students with links to their exhibits and brief bio.

Mills Kelly: Professor of History, George Mason University.