Appalachian Trail Histories


Long Distance Hikers in Baxter State Park Data

This data table and graph provide the raw data of the annual totals of long distance hikers who register at Baxter State Park.  What is worrisome to park officials is the steady annual increase in long distance hikers who come through the park.  As park superintendent Jensen Bissell made clear in his open letter in November of 2014, many of these hikers require extra accomadations which are outside of the park's usual operating policies.  The prioritization of natural conservation within the park leads to limitations on human engagement and use of the park which has over the past several years caused issues with the larger and larger numbers of people wanting to use the park, particularly as part of the Appalachian trail.  However because of Baxter State Park's unique origins and binding mission the park authority is typically unwilling to create further accomodations for increasing numbers of long distance appalachian trail hikers.