Appalachian Trail Histories


Completion of Baxter State Park

This article from 1941 celebrates the initial completion of Baxter State Park's land aquisition.  Although the park would grow over the next several decades, Percival Baxter uses the article to publicize his newly "finalized" park.  The article provides a brief overview of the history of how the park came to be and defines the ideological principles of wildnerness conservation which lie at the heart of the park's mission.  It is these principles of putting conservation above human interests, along with the unique deeds of trust which give the state ownership over the park forever, which set it apart from other state and national parks which tend to focus on the benefits that may be reaped through the human experiences in nature.  It also includes a map of the park which includes the Appalachian Trail, ending at Baxter Peak on Mt. Katahdin.