Appalachian Trail Histories

The Cove Mountain Shelter in Pennsylvania is located just south of Duncannon and the Susquehanna River. The shelter was built in 2002 by volunteers from the Mountain Club of Maryland near the site of the former Thelma Marks Shelter, which was the scene of the murder of Molly LaRue and Geoffrey Hood by Paul David Crews in September 1990.

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Randall Lee Smith, a convicted murderer who was arrested for the second time in 2008 after a failed double-murder attempt on the Appalachian Trail.

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Robert Mountford Jr. and Laura Susan Ramsay were both murdered on the Appalachian Trail in 1981 by Randall Lee Smith. This photograph shows the both of them at age 27.

Collection: Crime on the Trail

A driver license photo of Randall Lee Smith taken in 1973. He went on to murder both Robert Mountford Jr. and Laura Susan Ramsay in May of 1981.

Collection: Crime on the Trail

Vandalism, specifically graffiti, continues to be a major problem along the Appalachian Trail. This photograph was taken in 1971 and shows one of Hawk Rock's scenic views ruined by expressions of painted art. In recent years, continued graffiti on the same ledge has forced the local trail club to partake in cleanup efforts.

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James T. Jones was known as "Bismark" along the Appalachian Trail. Once an avid hiker with an amiable personality, he was captured in Damascus, VA in 2015 by the FBI on several counts of corporate embezzlement. He had been on the FBI's wanted list since 2009 and apparently found recluse and a new identity on the AT where he was able to elude authorities for over five years.

Collection: Crime on the Trail