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Since the beginnings of the Appalachian Trail, the Appalachian Trail Conference, various trail clubs, individuals, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the National Park Service, have built a wide variety of shelters for hikers to use. Many of the early shelters were constructed of chestnut logs before the die off of the American Chestnut on the East Coast. More recent construction has been done largely with pine or oak planks. Some shelters are simple lean-tos or boxes with a roof sleeping just a few hikers, while others are two stories tall and can accommodate more than a dozen hikers at once.


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Trail Shelters


Manassas Gap Shelter


Manassas Gap Shelter Log (5/16/09)


Manassas Gap Shelter Log (7/12/12)


Manassas Gap Shelter (1965)

Dave Lesser Shelter Log

Dave Lesser Shelter Log (5/9/2016)


Dave Lesser Shelter

Letter from Harvey Benson (NPS) to Myron Avery (ATC), 11/28/1941

Bearfence Mountain.jpg

Bearfence Mountain Shelter

Paul C. Wolfe Shelter.jpg

Paul C. Wolfe Shelter (2016)

Calf Mountain.jpg

Calf Mountain Shelter

Cornelius Creek.jpg

Cornelius Creek Shelter

Harpers Creek Shelter.jpg

Harper's Creek Shelter