Appalachian Trail Histories



Each shelter along the Appalachian Trail contains a log book that hikers and other visitors use to record their visit, the weather, their mood, to leave messages for friends, or to comment on the state of the trail. Sometimes these messages include artwork. They often include complaints about the weather, the people they've met, or the hikers' fantasies about food they haven't had in a while. Taken together, the log entries constitute a unique opportunity to take the pulse of those hiking a particular stretch of trail in any given year.


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Manassas Gap Shelter


Mills Kelly




Manassas Gap Shelter Log


None recorded.


“Manassas Gap Shelter Log (5/16/09),” Appalachian Trail Histories, accessed June 16, 2024,


5/16 - If there are any Southbounders that come through, there is a kid named Matthew that was in a wreck last night and ran into the woods near the A.T. headed south down at the next road that leads into Linden. His mom was down at the trail head asking us if we saw him. She was read torn up. But, he is a handsome 20-year-old with dark hair and is about 5'10". He was seen by a witness at the accident running into the woods with no shirt and no shoes. I don't know, maybe we can help find him somehow.
-- NoseHoSe [hiker trail name]

5/16 - Starburst are yummy for snacking. -- Maybe

5/16 - Not sure if we are here for the night or for the moment. Waiting out a T-storm. Saw a turtle on the way here...Neat.
-- Kremers

5/16 - Bojangles - Bri Bri in for the night. On to Ashby Gap plus Hunter's Head Tavern tomorrow! I've been anticipating a Hunter's Head Tavern visit since Springer Mtn. Anyone behind me - hitch East on hwy 50 for 5-7 miles to Upperville Virginia. Well worth the visit!

5/18 - HARD CORE 10:00

5/18 - In for a break. Great day so far. Nice breeze and sunny skies.
-- Hardrock