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This advertisement from 1919 demonstrates how the general community would have conceived of the company, Abercrombie & Fitch, near the outset of the Trail's existence. The main text paints a picture for its main audience—the businessman and sportsman with, potentially, his family—of a vacation away from the city's "humdrum." This idea is similar to Benton MacKaye's hopes for the blue collar worker to escape the everyday busyness in town. (Read more about MacKaye's conceptualization here.) However, the sellers marketed to the white collar individuals instead. It is evident that Abercrombie & Fitch advertisers understood the amount of disposable income required to purchase their goods.




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"The Frontier

Where the Blazed Trail Crosses the Boulevard

CHRISTMAS, with its childhood memories and beautiful legends, carries us above the roofs of the city and out into the forests. 

With every gift which we select we hear the tinkle of the reindeers' bells—that wonderful make-believe which keeps our friendships warm and our own hearts young.

We think of the snow and the ice outdoors and the cozy fire within—of the woods and the woods animals and the hunter dragging in his deer—of the frozen ponds and the village skaters. 

Christmas and its Holiday are a season of rosy-cheeked sport, when we gather 'round the hearth in the evening discussing the sporting achievements of the days just passed and our hopes for the months to come.

So the gift with a genuine sporting flavor has a special significance and a special place in the esteem of the one who gets it. The real Christmas tree, to the sportsman, is the lonesome pine on its native hill, sparkling with snow in the moonlight. It stands on the frontier between the nerve-racking realities of his business life and his enjoyment of a glorious vacation.

The Abercrombie & Fitch store stands out today with the same glittering distinctness—a stalwart sentinel on the Frontier of Christmas, with every one of its thousands of gifts, for man or woman, boy or gir, away from the humdrum—a thing that awakens fond memories and pleasant anticipations."

Please note: This transcription reflects the main body of text on the advertisement and there is more text to read on the attached image.