Appalachian Trail Histories


Collection of items relevant to the town of Damascus, VA, as well as other items pertaining to the Appalachian Trail.

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The Appalachian Trail Conservancy must interact with all of the fourteen states that the Appalachian Trail goes through. For this reason, situations…

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While the Appalachian Trail is safer than most American communities, crimes still occur along the Trail. These include theft, disorderly conduct,…

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Collection of items relating to hiker clothing

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Laws and other government documents related to the history of the Appalachian Trail.


Since the beginnings of the Appalachian Trail, the Appalachian Trail Conference, various trail clubs, individuals, the Civilian Conservation Corps,…

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The Appalachian Trail was always intended to be a place for hikers to spend a few hours, a day, a few days, a week, a few weeks, or more out in the…

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