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The Appalachian Trail Conservancy must interact with all of the fourteen states that the Appalachian Trail goes through. For this reason, situations of unfairness and unequal distribution of attention may arise from the ATC towards the states' trail clubs.


Trail Maintaining Clubs

Outdoor Afro Rue Mapp.png

Rulette Mapp, Founder of Outdoor Afro

The Black Outdoors.png

The Black Outdoors


Volunteer trail crew in Tennessee (1947)


The Appalachian Trial between Thunderhead Mountain and Derrick Knob (1965)


Trail Work (1935)

PTC Trail Crew 1935.jpg

Work Trip on Appalachian Trail (1935)

PATC Smokehole 1936.jpg

PATC Trip to Smoke Hole (1936)

PATC Trail Crew 2012.jpg

PATC Trail Crew (2012)

ATC146 small.jpg

Trail Volunteer (1932)

Potts Mountain Hike.jpg

RATC Hike to Potts Mountain (1939)