Appalachian Trail Histories

Long distance hiker Cherie Cummings photographed outside ATC headquarters in Harpers Ferry, WV, July 17, 1979.

The tradition of taking hiker photographs at ATC headquarters began in 1979. Staff member Jean Cashin ("Trail Mom") used a Polaroid camera to record passing long distance hikers at the sign by the front door. Over time, the practice became a standard procedure, and a numbering system was developed that serves as an informal registration system for these hikers.

Collection: Hikers
ATC 1979.jpg

Taken at the Appalachian Trail Conference (now known as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy) in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, September 2 1994. Tobias "Rubberduck" Binder and CC. P. de are wearing hiking pants

Collection: Hiker Clothing
Rubberduck and CC.P, September 2 1994.jpg

David Yashar "Daredevil" and Nancy Watkins "Seen it Done it" Taken at the Appalachian Trail Conference (now called the Appalachian Trail Conservancy) July 8, 1994 in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Collection: Hiker Clothing
Daredevil and Seen it Done it, July 8 1994.jpg

Eric and Chris on the Appalachian Trail, wearing shorts and tee-shirts, one of which is a performance shirt. From the clothing and gear the picture was taken sometime after 2000

Collection: Hiker Clothing
Hikers Eric and Chris in Shorts.jpg

Ken Mayer about to do a section hike in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail in 1984.

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Hiker Ken, 1984.jpg

Unknown hiker in a kilt on the Appalachian Trail

Collection: Hiker Clothing
Hiker in a Kilt.jpg

A group of youth backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. Several are wearing the leggings under shorts, and one is wearing jeans. Based on the clothing and gear the picture was taken after 2000

Collection: Hiker Clothing
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Hiker Cindy Sinclair in 1980 by a road on the Appalachian Trail. Wearing exercise shorts and a tee-shirt

Collection: Hiker Clothing
Hiker Cindy, 1980.jpg