Appalachian Trail Histories


Essential and Luxury Items

Whether a hiker is doing a short hike that consists of 4 miles, or planning to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, hikers pack the essential items they will need. These items depend on weather conditions and/or how remote the area is. Essential items include: first-aid kit, navigation tools, an extra set of clothes, water, or required shelter. Typically, these are items that you may need to restock on. Being ready and smart about essential items are the key to a successful and safe hike. Potentially, having these items on standby can save your life.

Luxury items are items you do not need to bring along with you on a hike. Adding the extra weight to your backpack can also be tedious and unnecessarily dangerous. However, that has not stopped hikers. A little extra weight on their back with their favorite item can be the whole reason behind their journey. The item may be used as a motivational tool to continue on their backpacking experience. Luxury items differ from hiker to hiker.