Appalachian Trail Histories



This image shows a page from the shelter log at Bearfence Mountain Shelter in the central section of Shenandoah National Park (Virginia). As an example of the sort of entry one finds in these logs it is more poetic and artistic than most. More typically, hikers leave a quick note to say there were there, to remark on the weather or the condition of the trail, to leave a shout out to friends ahead or behind them, or to complain about this or that annoyance. However, many hikers are moved to draw, to philosophize, or to wax poetic about nature, their place in the universe, or the value of friends and family, many of whom they miss very much.






Mau and Dirt Time (trail names)


Hiker advice from shelter logs


Mills Kelly


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Mau and Dirt Time (trail names), “Words of Wisdom From an AT Logbook,” Appalachian Trail Histories, accessed July 15, 2024,

Be loyal. Drink good beer. Love all who love and support you. Give no shit. Take no shit. Stand up for someone weak. Give back. Don't steal. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Protect something til death. Fuck hard. Love harder...Take care of your people...Be part of something bigger than yourself. Learn how to listen to shoot. Listen to good music often. Eat well. Love all animals. Crush anyone who harms women, the disabled, or children. Be the example. Live it.
-- Stayed the night, a little late but good job all.
-- Thru-hiker NoBo on 900 miles. Keep on trucking ladies & gents.
Mau & Dirt Time