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Lost Appalachian Trail (77 items in collection)


From 1930-1952, the route of the Appalachian Trail in Southern Virginia passed south from Roanoke and Salem, across Bent Mountain, and then back and forth across the old Ridge Road, also known as the Great Wagon Road, until it reached Fishers Peak just across the North Carolina Border. From there it turned north to Galax, crossed the New River at Dixon's Ferry near Fries, then turned west toward Comer's Rock, eventually ascending the Iron Mountain chain and passing southwest to Damascus. This 300 mile section of the AT vanished in 1952 when the ATC decided to move the Trail west and north into the Jefferson National Forest (the current route). The items in this collection depict the single longest portion of the Trail that no longer exists.


Mills Kelly


Lost Appalachian Trail



McAfee 1935.jpg

Three Club Hike to McAfee Knob, October 1935

PATC Map 13 1940.jpeg

Southern Virginia, Central Section (1940)

PATC Map 14 1941.jpeg

Southern Virginia, Southern Section (1941)


A.T. Pinnacles of Dan (1932)

Lovers Leap.jpg

The View From Lover's Leap (1932)

Scan 2.jpeg

PATC Hikers at the Pinnacles of Dan (1933)

Scan 4.jpeg

Hikers in the Dan River Gorge (1936)

Lovers Leap 1930s.jpg

At Lover's Leap (1930s)

Bell Spur Church.jpg

Bell Spur Primitive Baptist Church (2019)

Dixons Ferry.jpg

Dixon's Ferry (1940s)

Lost AT Map 1953.jpg

Map of Southwestern Virginia (1953)


Galax Gang, Lover's Leap Va., October 1930