Appalachian Trail Histories

The Bourn Pond Shelter was located on the shore of Bourn Pond in Vermont, on a former route of the Appalachian Trail, now known as the Stratton Pond Trail. This shelter is one of the cabin style shelters found along the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail and was built by the Green Mountain Club. It still exists, just no longer on the Appalachian Trail.

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The Spruce Peak Shelter, pictured here in the summer of 2011, is an enclosed structure sleeping 16. It was built by the Brattleboro section of the Green Mountain Club in 1983 with logs cut and provided by U.S. Forest Service. The Spruce Peak Shelter replaced the Bromley Camp in this section of the Trail in Vermont.

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Spruce Peak Shelter 07212011.jpg

The Melville Nauheim Shelter is located in Vermont's Woodford State Park, near the village of Woodford. It is part of the Long Trail shelter chain that the Appalachian Trail shares, and is maintained by the Green Mountain Club. This image offers a sense for how crowded the small trail shelters can become in popular sections of the Trail.

Collection: Trail Shelters
Melville Nauheim Shelter 08151992.jpg