Appalachian Trail Histories

A two page hiking brochure detailing a few short hikes available to visitors in Damascus. The brochure comes with directions for each hike so the visitors can't get lost.

Collection: Damascus, Virginia
Damascus VA brochure.pdf

A picture of a squatter's son sitting on the steps to their cabin.


A picture of Charles Nicholson and his kids.


A picture of a husband and wife on their porch.


Picture of mountaineers (W. Deland Taylor, Willie, Pete and Robert Woodward, Lee Cave and others) before they are sent off to make way for Shenandoah National Park.


A picture of three men in Corbin Hollow about to be forced to leave their homes.


One of Arthur Rothstein's many photos of Corbin Hollow, this particular one being of a home in Corbin Hollow.

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A shot of the newly constructed sidewalk in downtown Damascus as part of the Community Pathways Project.

Collection: Damascus, Virginia
Community Pathways Project Damascus VA.jpg

A picture of hikers on the newly completed Mary's Rock trail.


A picture of a completed trail on the first Pinnacles peak.