Appalachian Trail Histories

Photograph of Russ Nicholson, taken by Arthur Rothstein in October 1935. Nicholson was a resident of upper Nicholson Hollow in what is now Shenandoah National Park (Virginia). This photograph was taken before Nicholson and all the other residents of Nicholson Hollow were forced to move from their homes to make way for the Park.

The photograph is one of many created by Rothstein during his visit to Virginia in 1935 while employed by the U.S. Farm Security Administration.

Collection: Nicholson Hollow

One of the Corbin boys, Corbin Hollow, Virginia. A photograph taken by Arthur Rothstein in October 1935 for the Farm Security Administration.

Collection: Corbin Hollow

Photograph of a barn and a woodshed in Corbin Hollow, taken by Arthur Rothstein in October 1935.

Collection: Corbin Hollow

Photograph of Corbin Cabin, March 2013

Collection: Nicholson Hollow

Photograph of a child in Corbin Hollow (1935) made by Arthur Rothstein.

Collection: Corbin Hollow