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The Appalachian Trail was always intended to be a place for hikers to spend a few hours, a day, a few days, a week, a few weeks, or more out in the forest, away from the stresses and sounds of the city. This collection contains a wide variety of items related to the hiker experience on the Appalachian Trail--everything from images of hikers, to samples of what hikers write in shelter journals, to information about specific individuals who have hiked on the Trail.


Mills Kelly



Bearfence Log.jpg

Words of Wisdom From an AT Logbook

Julianne Williams 1996 Shenandoah National Park Murder Victim.jpg

Julianne "Julie" Williams

Laura Winans 1996 Shenandoah National Park Murder Victim.jpg

Laura "Lollie" Winans

Julianne WIlliams and Laura Winans Murder Victim Poster.pdf

FBI Seeking Information on Appalachian Trail murders of Julianne Williams and Laura Winans

Mt Katahdin.png

Rahawa Haile Thru Hikes The Appalachian Trail

Mt Kat.png

First African American to Thru Hike both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails


What is Trail Magic?

suggestions-for-providing-trail-magic FINAL.pdf

Suggestions for Providing Trail Magic


Trail Volunteers

Appalachian Pine Mixer.jpg

Appalachian Pine Mixer

Trail Angel Sign.jpg

Trail Magic Sign


Day Hikers on the Appalachian Trail (1959)