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Bethany Shoop


Hiker Clothing



Hiker Bethany Shoop in a Skirt.jpg

Hiker Bethany Shoop in a Skirt

Hiker Cindy, 1980.jpg

Hiker Cindy, 1980

Group of Hikers.jpg

Group of Hikers on the Appalachian Trail

Hiker in a Kilt.jpg

Hiker in Kilt

Hiker Ken, 1984.jpg

Hiker Ken, 1984

Hikers Eric and Chris in Shorts.jpg

Hikers Eric and Chris wearing shorts

Bruce and Ellen, July 19 1979.jpg

Hikers Bruce and Ellen, July 19, 1979

Daredevil and Seen it Done it, July 8 1994.jpg

Hikers Daredevil and Seen it Done it, July 8, 1994

Rubberduck and CC.P, September 2 1994.jpg

Hikers Rubberduck and CC.P., September 2 1994

Dennis, Jim, George and Kevin, August 15 1979.jpg

Hikers Dennis, Jim, George, and Kevin, August 15 1979