This website is the dev site for an eventual public history project focused on the history of the Appalachian Trail. Over the course of 2016 more content will be added and the formatting will change.

Recently Added Items

Hearings Before the Committee on Roads. House of Representatives. Seventy-Ninth Congress. First Session. On H.R. 2142 (October 24, 1945)

HR 2142 1945.pdf

A transcript of the hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Roads, October 24, 1945, on a bill proposed by Congressman Daniel K.…

Trails for America. Report on the Nationwide Trail Study (1965)


Report of the 1965 study commissioned by the Secretary of the Interior Morris Udall and completed by the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation (U.S. Department…

National Trails System Act (1968)


The National Trails System Act of 1968 created three types of national trails, "to promote the preservation of, public access to, travel within, and…

ATC Map of the Appalachian Trail (1948)

ATCMap 1948.jpg

This map of the Appalachian Trail was produced by the Appalachian Trail Conference in 1948. It shows the southern terminus at Mount Oglethorpe (rather…

Map of the Appalachian Trail in VA, WV, MD, and PA in 1938


This 1938 map of the Appalachian Trail from Harrisburg, PA to Damascus, VA, appeared on the back of the stationary of the Appalachian Trail Conference…